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The Bridge Builder Investment Team has a deep passion for seeing our clients succeed in their real estate ventures. Our team provides clients with all their needs to help make the decisions that they are most pleased with. If you are dreaming about a creating your own Portfolio towards your real-estate empire, Property management/maintenance, please get in contact with us and we are readily available to help assist you.

Why work with us

The Bridge Builder Investment Team represent’ s clients across the city of New York, Long Island, upstate New York, Baltimore, and all of Tennessee in a broad spectrum of housing classes including, single-family residential, luxury condominiums, residential leasing and commercial real estate. Our passion for real estate, extraordinary market knowledge, and commitment to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction truly makes us stand apart from the rest.

All property types

  • -Single-Family & Muti-Family

  • -Mixed Use

  • -Luxury High-Rises & Condos

  • -Condos, Lofts & Townhomes

Maintaining the property like it’s our own

The upkeep of our community and its homes is essential not only for retaining property value, but also for security and a peace of mind. That’s why The Bridge Builder Investment Team has a vast array of services and resources for residential and commercial properties to ensure you have a pleasant experience. In the event of a storm or other emergencies, we’ve got you covered. The Bridge Builder Investment Team provides repairs, maintenance and general project oversight.

  • Our maintenance services include:

  • -All Maintenance & Rehabilitation

  • -Home Repair & Maintenance Services includes ground keeping up keep

  • -Emergency Services & Restoration

Building communities together

We are considered the best in property management on the eastern coast. Let us help you in all you’re needs and wants. Whether it’s assessing property conditions, providing service contracts/supply agreements or placing onsite personnel, our property management services brings a powerful combination of wide-ranging resources and a personal touch to each community we service.

  • Our services include:

  • -Providing professional assistance for buyers, sellers,
    rehabilitation, and short sale

  • -Negotiating and providing service contracts/supply agreements

  • -Supervising onsite personnel and subcontractors
  • -Reviewing property conditions
  • -Establishing and maintaining a resale/rental screening systems

Responding promptly to all service requests and emergencies, 24/7, 365 days a year