The tenants do have responsibility for some of the maintenance on your property. They have to replace burnt out light bulbs, change furnace filters, change batteries in the smoke detectors, and provide for exterminating if they are in a single family home or in a double bungalow where their unit is the only one affected.

Tenants are usually responsible for the lawn care and snow removal, unless they are in a multi-unit property. When repairs need to be done outside the scope of the tenant's responsibility, we would have one of our in-house maintenance technicians or one of our sub-contractors handle the job. Anyone doing maintenance on your property is selectively screened and insured for liability and workers compensation to protect you from unnecessary exposure. Our workers are available for your property maintenance needs 24 hours a day and their work is guaranteed. We handle the nuisance calls at all hours of the day or night.

So you don't have to deal with that call in the middle of the night. If we go out and find that the problem was tenant caused, the tenant will be billed and responsible for reimbursement of the charge. We look at your property as our own and are only doing necessary maintenance and repairs; however, if it exceeds our authorization limit as stated in our management agreement, you will be contacted. Because of the volume of work we do with them, we usually get lower rates than what you would get if you called a contractor directly. We are home maintenance experts; we know houses, the problems that occur, what repair costs are, and how to get good service and we minimize unnecessary repairs by trouble-shooting issues with the tenants.