About Us

Barry John - President & CEO

Barry John is the Chief Executive Officer and President of the Bridge Builder Investment Team. While born on the beautiful island of Grenada, W.I., Barry currently resides in Binghamton, NY. He later graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Farmingdale State. He later earned his Masters of Science Degree in Systems Engineering from NYU Magna Cum Laude. Barry endeavors to engage in community service projects specifically impacting those impacted by hunger and homelessness. He enjoys spending time with family and friends and dining in various cuisines.

Barry can be seen within the community working alongside contractors to help ensure that his clients meet their deadlines ahead of schedule. Barry has worked as an electrician apprentice/assistant and is also A+ certified. Here at the Bridge Builder Investment Team, we are always seeking the best opportunities to yield clients worthwhile returns.

Barry has served as a property manager for over nine years and enjoys working with property owners in growing their real estate portfolio. He focuses on commercial construction, rehabilitation, tenant screening, leasing contracts, and informing owners and occupants of their owner/tenant rights, which are frequently changing. As the Bridge Builder Investment Team continues to build capacity, we have expanded our real estate market throughout the New York area (NYC, Long Island, and Binghamton) and Baltimore. When he is not in Binghamton or Atlanta, Ga, he can be found in his Wall st office working up new deals and mobile App developments. Operating with a vision to uplift and enrich the lives of individuals and communities, the Bridge Builder Investment Team will guide you through a successful real estate story. Join the team and see how to assist with leasing, analyzing, and finding your next big deal.